ENO 147, Introduction to Fruit Wine Production, is a 12-week, 2-credit course based on the fundamentals of the science and technology of fruit winemaking. This course targets the home winemaker and those interested in exploring winemaking as a career, either as a cellar worker or as a new winery owner. During this course, students will acquire a basic understanding of fruit winemaking. This course emphasizes the practical aspects of fruit winemaking.

This course covers principles of grape juice and wine analysis and the reasons for use of each analysis. Analyses of a practical and useful nature are chosen for the laboratory exercises demonstrating various chemical, physical and biochemical methods. Students will participate in hands-on laboratory experiences at a scheduled workshop.


Prerequisites: VIN 146 Introduction to Enology and  VIN 105  Molecular Principles in Grape and Wine or permission


Next Course in Sequence: VIN 257 and/or VIN 259

This 6-week, 1-credit course offers a practical understanding of the obstacles and promise of growing grapes and making wine in cold climates. Topics relating to cold climate production include history, physical limits of grapes, successful varieties, viticulture, and enology methods for producing quality cold climate wine, the state of cold climate research, a review of resources, and marketing strategies in cold climate regions.